Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paul - Parker Life Update

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last updated our blog - sorry!
A lot has happened since June for our household....let's see....where do I start?

Our football season came to an end on June 27th vs. the St. Louis Slam. It was a close game till late in the third quarter and I'm so proud of everyone. We finished the season 5-3 and accomplished our goal of a winning season. First ever for a women's football team in the state of Iowa - Congratulations Iowa Thunder!
A week before we found out my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She made it out to the game and I was so happy to have here there. This experience has been an eye opener and is a good reminder of how precious life really is. Her cancer was caught very, very early and is slow progressing. All of these are good signs and her doctors have all given her excellent survival rates. Now it's time to decide on the type of surgery and treatment actions to follow, chemo, radiation, etc...
Grandpa Paul (my dad's dad) was diagnosed several months ago with a lung condition....thought it was cancer, turned out it's not (thank goodness), but they don't know yet what it is. Other than a few aches he's healthy and we are waiting further test results next week.
Grandpa Hazen (my mom's dad) was hospitalized last week. He went into cardiac arrest twice on Monday and his pace-maker saved his life. We think this was due to lack of heart medicine this week because he had a bacteria infection and had to cut back. He is in good spirits and feeling better.
If all of this wasn't enough, Doug had left shoulder surgery yesterday. It was a long day for a guy his size to go without food! His surgery lasted about 1.5 hours and everything went fantastic. He had a torn Lathrium (sp) from 1-5'clock on the back part of his shoulder. Needed three anchors to repair and also had to remove a piece of tissue floating aroudn. Other than this he is doing pretty well. He has been kind of loopy from the pain meds and I know not being active is going to be difficult for him. He will be in a sling fro 2-4 weeks and then he will be with the therapist for a few months.
Wedding planning is in full swing, actually, it's pretty much done. We have all the plans set for Vegas and back home. Now we just have to pay the vendors :) Bought our wedding bands the other day - ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL - can't wait to put up some wonderful pics that Annie Weaver will take. Invitations are in the mail and the Honeymoon to Mexico is booked for December.
Well, time for me to get some much needed rest and I'll write again soon!

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